450 North - Tropic Nuggets Double IPA

450 North - Tropic Nuggets Double IPA

[sitting at desk writing letter on bootleg Hello Kitty stationery]

Dear 450: I know you won’t remember me, but I’m the guy who sent that baggie of flaked-off human skin to you last summer. It wasn’t meant to be creepy, or be considered an adjunct in a new skinshake IPA concept that I just came up with. I sent it along because I want you to know that I enjoyed your beers so much last summer that I fell asleep on my patio without a dad hat on and I burned my bald head to a crisp. Nothing says thank you like a bag of human skin. At least in my culture. Which is Potentially Intoxicated Suburban American.

ANYWHO, THIS BEER WAS PERFECT (again). Y’all straight up kill it. I love you (again). – Joel
Brewery: 450 North
From: Columbus, IN 🇺🇸
Beer: Tropic Nuggets DIPA
ABV: 8.5%

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