Altamont - Mosaic Fuel IPL

I am currently laid up in a hospital bed, wrecked on painkillers instead of being wrecked on Mosaic Fuel. And, that’s pretty fucking sad. At least I got to gas myself up with this before I lost all semblance of humanity and my body stopped working, though, right? One of the last beers I had before the emergency room, and I can’t really complain. It’s Altamont, local heroes who only make the finest of clear bois, and it’s an IPL, and it’s dry-hopped with my baby Mosaic. What’s not to love? This could and should be crushed every day, on the patio, enjoying life to the fullest, and not worrying a single bit if you’re gonna end up in the hospital the next day with a mysterious, life-threatening illness. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT. There’s too much else to be happy about. 🍻 – Ryan
Brewery: Altamont
From: Livermore, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: Mosaic Fuel IPL
ABV: 6%

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