Andechs - Andechser Hell Helles Lager

While this is by far not my favorite Andechs beer – what’s up, Spezial Hell? – I still bought it because I thought a crispy boi helles would be a nice contrast to all the heavy shit we drink, even though it’s a mere freezing-ass° outside. 🥶 It’s not the epitome of the style by any means, but I’m also not going to abandon an Andechs beer for something else when I can just pound it real quick-like. 😲 Definitely go for the red-label Spezial Hell if you want a lighter Andechs…and you can DM me thank you notes any time you’d like. – Ryan
Brewery: Andechs
From: Andechs 🇩🇪
Beer: Andechser Hell Helles Lager
ABV: 4.8%

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