Aspikc - Bonus Points Double IPA

Never have I ever…heard of Aspikc before. Thanks to Nico at Hops & Dreams, I got to put this double double inside me, from the tap, no bullshit and straight 8.2% DIPA chronic body bangers. Mainly cut with Centennial and Idaho 7, I got a really pleasurable blend of old and new all up in my haze face. I’m currently debating stealing the rest of this barrel from Nico. But I won’t. Because I’m lazy. And not a thief. And I respect the game that both Hops & Dreams and the Valencians at Aspikc are dropping into my gullet. Also, I had some flame flame meatballs and mash on this fine day. No pictures, too sexxxographic. Happy days, mfers. P.S. Im wearing our “Craft ‘Til Death” T-shirt. Go buy one. – Ryan at Hops & Dreams in Seville, Spain
Brewery: Aspikc
From: Valencia 🇪🇸
Beer: Bonus Points Double IPA
ABV: 8.2%

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