Atomium - Atomium Premier Grand Cru Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Ben’s neighbor must have stock in Atomium, because he keeps trying to give it to him. Either that, or he bought too much and needs to bless the ‘hood with some Belgian yum yums. Naturally, I stole one and put it all over my lips, because nothing holds me back from Belgian styles like this 8% strong golden. For me, there wasn’t much subtlety, as the ABV really shone through. However, I do and did like that, and had no problem easing it down the licky tongue path. It may not be the best of the style in this world, but it was crushables for me, and now I’d really like to have it on tap because I don’t think the bottle did as much justice as a freshie foamy would. – Ryan
Brewery: Atomium
From: Temse 🇧🇪
Beer: Atomium Premier Grand Cru Belgian Strong Golden Ale
ABV: 8%

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