Basqueland - Imparable IPA (Pomelo Edition)

Got me a mad crushable Westie from some of my many stalking victims, these particular ones being the genii at Basqueland. 👀 Their Imparable is an amazingly solid West Coast IPA that I’ll never turn down. This here is the grapefruit version, and I was skeptical AF at first, because grapefruit beers are sometimes subtle, but more often than not, complete throwaway pieces of fruit-injected brewery failures. 👎 I have faith in the Basqueland homies, though, and I ordered it knowing full well it would be on the subtle and good side of the grapefruit beer shenanigan aisle. And boom…righto yet again. 👍 While it may suck that it’s hovering around 100°F after 9pm here in Seville, it doesn’t suck that Hops & Dreams had this on tap and that it wetted my bodily wetterson in all the correct ways while I tried to convince myself that nobody cares how sweaty we are because they, too, are in the moist zone. 👏 – Ryan at Hops & Dreams in Seville, Spain
Brewery: Basqueland
From: Hernani 🇪🇸
Beer: Imparable IPA (Pomelo Edition)
ABV: 6.8%

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