Bearded Owl - Things We Don't Say IPA

This is the Things We Don’t Say IPA from Bearded Owl in Peoria, Illinois, and it’s fatfuckingtastic. Yes, fatfuckingtastic. The lishhaze on this bishy was palpable and causing palpitations AF. Loved the shit out it. BUT THEN UH, they handed me their Bohemian Pils (not pictured) and I audibly squealed because of the pilsfection. Hot damn, these central Illinois brewbois made me moist AF. Love being surprised by liquids. BUT ALSO, SAY HI TO LIVE MUSIC AGAIN! That’s the Artisinals duo live at The Law Office Pub & Music Hall. It’s almost like we’re back to reality, but with way more anxiety this time around!! – Joel at The Law Office in Yorkville, Illinois

Brewery: Bearded Owl
From: Peoria, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Things We Don’t Say IPA
ABV: 6.3%

Bearded Owl - Things We Don't Say IPA

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