Beer Haul - Louisville, Kentucky

Our awesome friends we never see, Kristen and Nick, decided to bless us with their presence this past weekend. Which means we were gluttonous, drunk fucks for a few days. Because that’s what you do with guests in town. Not complaining. Besides hitting a million breweries and bars over a few days, they also brought us a thicc stack of beers from Chicago.

Is it because their whole basement is beer-full, or because they love us? I assume it’s a combination of the two. Also, not complaining. I will douse my body in all this (mostly) Chicago gloriousness. Not all at once. Probably not all at once. Okay, maybe all at once. The sky’s the limit, baby! I love you, K & N. – Ryan
Breweries: Noon Whistle, Barn Town, Penrose, Maplewood, Liquid Mechanics, Mikerphone, Eagle Park, Short Fuse, Hop Butcher, DryHop

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