Beer Haul - Smuttynose Brewing Co.

As the token old people on the internet in 2022, we might not fully understand our “influence,” in a proverbial sense, but we understand what good energy feels like when we see it. The Smuttynosers at Smuttynose are launching their Be KIND Initiative, and in addition to dropping beers we want to bathe in, they’re throwing out vibes and bucks to local nonprofits (who have been properly vetted, because nobody likes a shady nonprofit 😉). They’re using the buying power of their community to support local veterans, the four-legged furry, and the community at large, doing what they do best: b’dass brrs. While we wait for these puppies to chill prior to consumption, let’s high-five the breweries making kindness a visible part of their brand. Not being an asshole is our favorite. And beer. And beers from people who aren’t assholes. And beer from people who aren’t assholes supporting nonprofits that aren’t assholes. – Joel Frieders

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Brewery: Smuttynose
From: Hampton, NH 🇺🇸

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