Beer Haul - Yorkville, Illinois

Holy shit. Ricky Hugeballs just porch-bombed me a life-changing box of life. COT. TAM. THIS IS SEX IN A BOX. Merry Christmas to me. And Ricky, I love you, dude. You didn’t have to be as cute as you is either. But you is. Love your face. – Joel
Beer 1: Solemn Oath & Foreign Exchange / Naperville, IL & Aurora, IL 🇺🇸 / The Scroll And The Lamb Imperial Stout / 13%
Beer 2: Foreign Exchange / Aurora, IL 🇺🇸 / Barrel-Aged Kittywampus Reserve Imperial Porter (FoBAB 2021) / 11.5%
Beer 3: Revolution / Chicago, IL 🇺🇸 / Dark Mode Imperial Stout / 13.8%

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