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3 Best Beers To Stay Cool During The Summer

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A summer beer can be any style, as long as it's refreshing and crisp. There are various types of summer beers, ranging from light to complex. The best one you'll want to drink is the one that lingers in the 80s and 90s all summer long.

According to Karissa Norrington, the brewing manager of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the ideal summer beer should be a low-ABV, balanced, and crisp. Its flavor should also be able to stand up to the food that you pair it with. "Also, if you're craving a quick fix, grab a second or third before the heat of summer sets in," she said.

1. Beyond the Binary

Schwarzbier is a type of German dark lager characterized by its lighter, roastier, and drier appearance. This style of beer has a rich history in Germany. It only started to make its way into the US recently.

Originally brewed in Germany using various grains such as oats, barley, and rye, schwarzbier is regarded as a beer of the people. Due to its dark color, it's considered a black lager. This characteristic gave this beer style distinct features, such as its roasty, dry, and lighter appearance.

2. Allagash White

The popularity of Allagash's Belgian-style wheat beer grew in 2019 when the company introduced its tallboy cans. These are now a staple in summer. The liquid inside the can have a distinct sweet and spicy flavor, which is balanced by the addition of orange peel and coriander.

3. Night Shift Brewery

Despite the increasing number of craft beers entering the light lager market, Night Shift Brewery has been one of the few to do so successfully. Its Night Shift Light is a crisp and highly crushable beer, but it also has a variety of fruits and subdued flavors. This drink is a refreshing and crisp beer with a clear and citrus character.

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