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3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Beer

by Sean Paul ·

Do you have a friend who loooves beer? Someone who always has a fully stocked fridge, unparalleled knowledge of the different beers available, and frequently explores new craft beer options?

It only makes sense to get them beer-themed Christmas gifts this year and make their holidays even merrier. Here are a few gift ideas for you to consider.

A Beer Subscription

What’s a better way to ensure your beer loving friend has a steady supply of craft beer than by signing them up for a subscription? Plenty of the country's craft beer breweries offer monthly, quarterly, annual, or bi-annual subscriptions and deliver freshly brewed craft beer straight to their customers’ doorsteps.

Trust us; your friend will thank you for the constant supply of beer for the duration you sign them up for. They may even renew their subscription once it ends!

A Set of Beer Chiller Sticks

Nothing’s worse than warm beer. The solution? A set of beer chiller sticks to ensure your friend never has to complain about lukewarm beer again!

Beer chiller sticks are super easy to use. You just need to store them in the freezer so they remain chilled and pop them in your beer glass or bottle when you’re having a drink. Adding a stick to your vessel will instantly cool the beverage inside it without watering it down or making you wait several minutes. Once you’ve finished your drink, you can clean the stick and place it back into the freezer for later use. It’s as simple as that!

a grey craft beer hoodie

Some Beer-Themed Apparel & Accessories

How about you give your friend’s wardrobe a makeover this Christmas with our exclusive craft beer apparel? We’ve got a bunch of comfy and sassy options for you to choose from, such as our craft beer t-shirts, craft beer hoodies, and craft beer hats. Our funky designs make for the perfect beer-themed apparel for beer lovers!

You can also throw in a couple of craft beer accessories to seal the deal. We’ve got enamel pins, stickers, and tote bags to add to your Christmas gift and make things even more interesting.

Check out the complete product range on our website now to get started! You can also find our detailed craft beer reviews online.

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