Beer Haul - Louisville, Kentucky

Beer Haul - Louisville, Kentucky

Ryan Taxis ·

Joel went on vacation. As soon as he returned, and as soon as I was anywhere for more than a week, he sent me a fucking 41-lb. box of beer. And, it was full of two different kinds of packing popcorn or whatever. TWO!

And it fucking spilled all over the kitchen and he asked Ang to film it and she did and then she sent it to him and they both got to laugh at me. And, I’m okay with that because I love both of them and also I now have a bunch of beer.

And…the Things We Don’t Say beer glasses! We’ll probably give some away at some point this summer. If I don’t drop them all. Thanks, Jello Man. ❤️ - Ryan
Breweries: Eagle Park, Riverlands, Hidden Hand, Heavy Seas, Maplewood, Working Draft, Noon Whistle, Hidden Springs, Phase Three, Pipeworks, Hop Haus, Mother Earth, Big Alice, 2nd Shift, Destin, Wild Leap

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