Beer in Focus: Pilsner

Beer in Focus: Pilsner

by Sean Paul ·

Pilsners are one of the most underrated types of beer. They have a light, crisp taste, originated from a town named Pilsen in the Czech Republic, and have grown into a popular variety worldwide.

Pilsners are often the go-to choice for many craft beer enthusiasts, offering a multitude of flavors and subtle differences in taste and strength, and this blog will be your guide to understanding them.

What exactly is a pilsner?

A pilsner is a lightweight, golden craft beer that was brewed using Plzens soft water and the Saaz noble hops, and has since been adopted by breweries in many countries, including the US. The soft water and Saaz hops combination has been trusted by manufacturers and producers, giving this type of beer its distinct, recognizable flavor no matter where it’s produced. Among its many varieties, you have the German-style pilsner, the OG Czech-style pilsner, and the American-style pilsner.

A cup with beer inside, placed on a wooden board.

Distinctive features of pilsners

Pilsners are recognized for their distinct malt flavor and combination of base malts with incredibly complex aromas and flavors. The type of malt used varies based on the craft brewery and the approach, but you have options like barley, honey, wheat, and even bread.

Secondly, another distinctive flavor comes from the hops that are used. Many breweries use specific types of hops that blend well with the malts, add a touch of bitterness, and don’t overwhelm the actual flavor and lightness of a good pilsner.

And all this, when paired with clean yeasts, you have an excellent finisher that is not overpowering, lets all the elements shine through, and gets the fermentation right.

How can you enjoy pilsners?

A good pilsner has a complex, tangy flavor, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy them. They pair well with various types of food, including BBQ, different types of curries and gravies, snacks like fish and chips, different desserts, different varieties of cheese, and of course, all kinds of seafood like shellfish and tuna. You can sip them cold and at room temperature and try different types to get a great feel for them.

Excited to try out different types of pilsners? Check out our craft beer reviews for more information and recommendations on the best options out there. You can also shop for craft beer accessories online, including shirts, hats, bags, and more.


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