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Best Serving Temperatures For Craft Beer: A Guide

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If you watched any of the Busch beer Super Bowl ads, you might have noticed that some of the beer brands featured in them use the word lite after their name.

Although this may seem like a common sentiment among beer companies, it is not the case for all types of craft beers. Each craft beer has its own nuances that are experienced best in certain temperatures. Therefore, this post will discuss the ideal serving temperature for different types of craft beers.

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Extremely Cold

First, let's discuss the ideal serving temperature for big, mass-produced beers. It should be around 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature can affect the taste buds and the fragrances of a beer. While colder temperatures tend to weaken beer flavor, the warmer temperatures lead to the development of more prominent ones. Although we don't want to compromise the aroma and taste of a beer, there are certain reasons to serve it at a lower temperature. For instance, white wine is kept refrigerated and can be kept on ice to prevent it from going cold.

Cold-pressed mass-market lagers, typically served at a low temperature of around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, have a CO2 gas buildup that masks the taste of the beer. These beers are usually made with rice or corn and have no added sugars or special flavors. They are typically served this way because they are cheap and easy to drink.


The next tier below is just cold, ranging from around 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can enjoy a relatively cold beer compared to the light lagers typically served at sub-40 degrees. Most wheat and Pilsners are lower in alcohol, and since these beers have a lighter body, it's acceptable to enjoy them at this temperature.


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Temperatures ranging between 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit are typically referred to as chilled. Some of the most popular beers that perform well at this temperature include India Pale Ales, Porters, and Stouts.

These types of beers perform well at this temperature due to their various characteristics. For instance, India Pale Ales have a robust hop-forward presence and are very fruit-forward. On the other hand, Porters and Stouts have moderate alcohol levels and are very medium-bodied.

Cellar Temperature

The temperature range between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit is the cellar temperature, and breweries commonly use it to brew various types of beers. Some of these include Belgian Ales, Bocks, and sour beers. These beer flavors, typically tart and earthy, are not ideal for masking cold temperatures.

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