Burial - Anno Domini MMXX Imperial Stout

Burial - Anno Domini MMXX Imperial Stout

Ryan Taxis ·

First off, fuck wax bottles. I’m sick of that shit. Okay, now then…thank the lawds that Danny brings me beer. Danny brought this 400-bottle limited release into my life, the 2020 batch of Burial’s ongoing imperial stout series. I’m super happy that I did not at all get any of the orange flavor out of mine, because orange in stouts is the devil and I hate it.

Instead, I got all the other flavors I DO like, those being coconut and vanilla with a heavy, heavy side of booze. Not overly so, but just right at 13%. Burial always destroys shit in the best of possible ways, and this is no exception. - Ryan
Brewery: Burial
From: Asheville, NC 🇺🇸
Beer: Anno Domini MMXX Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%

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