Energy City - Milkshake Haida Peach Double IPA

Energy City - Milkshake Haida Peach IPA

This is the old label, but this is THE STUUUUUFF. Granted, this was my third beer of the night; but by the time I was finished, I couldn’t feel my feets. Love the peach finish on this Haida, and I love saying, “Take a bite of peach,” before every sip. NAME THE MOVIE AND WE WILL SHIP YOU HOPSMASH STICKERS. (FIRST WINS.) GUESS INCORRECTLY AND YOU SHIP US STICKERS. NO GOOGLING. - Joel
Brewery: Energy City
From: Batavia, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Milkshake Haida Peach DIPA
ABV: 8.5%

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