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Everything You Need To Know About Craft Beer Cocktails

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While craft beers are often good on their own, they are also great served with various other beverages. For those who've been on the scene for a while and are looking for something new, a craft beer cocktail is a great way to try something new.

Here are some must-try craft beer cocktails. Be sure to check out our craft beer reviews for the full scoop on each of these drinks.


Although you may be more likely to prefer a Champagne than a beer, you can still partake in the morning beverage fun. For a beermosa, try mixing a non-alcoholic beverage such as a lager or a non-bitter brew with some orange juice. To enhance the flavor, try using a fruit-forward beer. This will keep the drink coming and allow you to have a great time with your friends.

Craft Michelada

The Michelada is a relatively common drink typically served with vodka and beer. If you've ever tried this drink before, chances are that it was with a light Mexican beer such as Modelo or Tecate. This time, we're suggesting that you try adding a craft beer to the mix. Many breweries in the US produce Mexican-style beers known as pilsners. These beers have a slightly mild and crisp flavor.

Beer Sangria

The combination of wine and sugar in a traditional wine-based drink such as sangria is very sweet and can induce a hangover. To avoid this, try replacing the wine with a craft beer. This will allow you to enjoy the drink without the headache and the excessive sugar. Mix the ingredients for the beer, including citrus, white rum, and fruit. The resulting mixture will then be served with a variety of other beverages.

There are a variety of great craft beers that you can try, such as Belgian-style beers, German Hefeweizens, and American Wheat beers.

Dark and Stormy IPA

Adding a craft beer to the mix can enhance the flavor of a traditional dark rum drink. For instance, start with a classic iced ginger beer and add some dark rum, lime, and a citrus-forward beer such as an American Pale Ale. An Indian-style beer can also be used to enhance the flavor of this drink. Adding a variety of bitter, sweet, and spicy flavors can create an extraordinary alternative.

Craft Beer Mojito

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A summer-inspired drink typically served with various fruits and citrus can be made into a great craft beer cocktail. For instance, you can add a variety of fruit or syrup to the mix and create a variation of the traditional mojito. Add a blonde ale to the mix for the final drink and make a still refreshing drink.

Bubbly Manhattan

The Manhattan is a classic drink that can be made with various craft beers. For instance, you can start with a traditional recipe and add some rye whiskey, orange, and sweet vermouth. Then, you can add in an India Pale Ale or a Pale Ale. Add orange essences and taste notes to make the cocktail even more vibrant.

Porter Cold Brew Iced Coffee

This drink will give you a caffeine boost and a taste of morning cocktails to those who can't go without their morning coffee. You can add some cream and sugar and then top it off with a Porter beer. This is a great way to start your weekend mornings.

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