Happy New Year from Hopsmash!

Happy New Year!

Ryan Taxis ·
This sexy AF glamour photo of me just popped up in my memories. 💅 Seville, Spain: May 2020. 🇪🇸 After a furious two months of lockdown, we made it out and ventured back to our favorite beer bar, Bier Kraft. 🤪 This photo reminds me of all the bullshit so many people went through, how fast the last two years have gone, and how we’re still in the shit together entering our THIRD FUCKING YEAR of a goddamn pandemic. 🤦‍♂️ It also reminds me of my homies, good beer, and making it through thick and fucking thin. 💪 Time has flown by like crazy, but it’s also nuts to think about all that we’ve done or all that the world’s been through since 2020. What a fuck bucket. 👀 For better or worse, but probably mostly worse. 💩 Let’s try to keep our spirits alive this year, and try to have some damn empathy for your neighbors. 🤝 I know it’s hard to keep at it, but we’ve got this, we’ve got each other, and we’ve got some damn fine beers. 🍻 - Ryan at BierKraft in Seville, Spain

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