Hospital Update - 3 January 2022

Hospital Update - 3 January 2022

Ryan Taxis ·

🚨 SHITSHOW UPDATE! 🚨 Aaaand…Happy New Year! I’ve been slacking on updates, but who knows how many updates you actually want. 🧐 Anyway, this one’s a bit of a mix of update, thank you, 2021 reflection, and appreciation for the good things and beers and peoples along the way. 🍻 If you haven’t caught up and are wondering WTF is even going on, scroll through to some older videos and/or check out the GoFundMe right here. Good times! 🤕

You can watch the video for this post on our Instagram. If you can or want to contribute to my $500,000+ in hospital bills 💰 please hit that link. If you already have, or don’t wanna, or whatever, please consider sharing it with your circle. 🙌 ⭕️ 🙌 Anything is extremely appreciated! Big shooty shooty tutti frutti to all of you and all those mentioned in the video. 🎥 Loves yous boos. Let’s make 2022 better than whatever the fuck the last couple years have been. 💩 Kissy boo boos! ❤️ - Ryan

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