Altbier - Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

One time, I saw altbier listed on a brewery menu as an amber, because that name sells better. It was a damn good altbier. This style is traditionally from Düsseldorf, Germany, and there are a handful of O.G. altbier producers in the city. I have been to all of them. Because I like to get shit-faced, but also because it's a very unique experience in a very cool city that needs to be warmer and sunnier more often because I'd like to spend more time there without getting seasonal affective disorder. I love how they just keep serving you more and more and more and more and more and more beer and just put a mark on your coaster and they don't stop unless you tell them to stop or cover your beer with said coaster. If you're with friends, this basically just ends up in all sorts of shenanigans - shenanigans that are great memories for me. I'm surprised I can remember them at all. I always like trying an altbier at a brewery, because I love the malty, crispy, copper-colored style. But also, because it's not common and if someone makes it, they generally probably love the style, too, and will put forward a good representation of it's yumminess. Go out and try an altbier. Report back with glorious tales of taste bombs.