The Bahamas - Craft Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

Maaaaaaan. I wanna go to The Bahamas. I've never been to The Bahamas. I've seen The Bahamas on TV show. Heard it on the radio. Listened to people talk about how awesome it is. It sounds nice. Beaches and cool people and beer. Lots of beer. I want beer now. I haven't had many Bahamian beers, but I have very much enjoyed the ones I have. And, whenever I write about The Bahamas and Bahamian beer, you know what I want? That's right - I wanna go to The Bahamas. Instead of sending me Bahamian beers to write about and then be jealous of not being in The Bahamas, just send me to The Bahamas to try all their beers. While I'm on the beach. In the sun. Eating and drinking and being Bahamianly happy.