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Beer hauls. Porch bombs. Beer mail. However it comes, below you'll see all of our posts about the ridiculous shit we've spent stupid amounts of money on. Sometimes, breweries or friends give us beer to review. Sometimes, we question their decision-making skills. Why tf would you give us beer. I mean, we're totally unqualified. Laughably so, even. Yet, here we are, drinking copious amounts of brewed yum bombs, often half or fully naked, and then writing dumb shit that hopefully entertains at least each other. I don't even wanna think about how much money we've spent on beer in our lives, especially since we started Hopsmash in 2016. My god. It's gotta be bad. Think of all the student loans we could have paid off! Or don't. I prefer not to. That's a slippery slope. Just like drinking craft beer with zero remorse and regrets that only revolve around our fattening bellies. Anywho, enjoy. Gonna go take off this grass skirt, it's getting crazy itchy.

Rogue - Dead Guy IPA

Rogue - Dead Guy IPA

by Ryan Taxis on January 13, 2023

IT’S DEAD GUY DAY!!! ☠️ Guys. Guys. Guys. 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Check out this totally bonkers packaging from Rogue. ⚰️ Aaaand, inside...

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