Black Is Beautiful - Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

San Antonio, TX • Founded: 2020 •

Badass Marcus at badass Weathered Souls in San Antonio, Texas, founded the Black Is Beautiful beer project back in 2020 on the heels of the Breonna Taylor shooting, as well as a whole bunch of other completely shitty police brutality actions that occur and have occurred every day on the streets of the U.S. His aim was to call attention to the oppression and abuse that continues every day here in America and abroad, and he has since signed on more than 1,200 brewers in over 20 countries to brew their own version of the beer. Proceeds are donated by breweries to local organizations, charities, and foundations that support equality, inclusion, and social justice reform. We've been fortunate enough to get our mouths on some of these amazing stouts from various breweries. Check out our reviews below. BLACK. IS. BEAUTIFUL.