Blonde Ale - Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

Whenever I sit down at a bar or a restaurant and none of the available beers sound like I'll be able to take two of 'em down, either because there's nothing but Belgians or sours, or because there's nothing sub-7.5% ABV, I will look to the blonde ale, with a nod and a wink, to suckle upon. Up there alongside the golden ale, blonde ales go down easy, are traditionally lower in the amount of alcohol they contain, and they can be nuanced as shit as far as flavor can go. Think about the LaCroix of lighter beers. You can put a PICTURE of a lemon in front of a brew kettle that's working on a blonde ale and that shit will come out lemon snickets. You can wear a Mets cap and chant, "DAAAARRYL, DAAAARRYL," and galdarnit, that beer is comin out with the essence of strawberries. It's all very metaphysical and false, but still, amazing what a lil' blonde ale can do for yas.

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