Brewery Visits - Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

Chicago, IL • Founded: 2016 •

We were already big-time visitors to craft breweries before we started Hopsmash in 2016. Ever since then, it's just given us an excuse to visit even more. To travel to more. To crawl to more. To go halfway across the world or the country to see more and drink their liquids of the gods. It's bad. Well, not bad. It's fucking phenomenal. We've made so many friends and probably some enemies along the way, seen so many great spaces and drank so many even greater beers, seen some fucking awful spaces and drank some even more awful beers, and had a damn good time doing it. We keep doing it. Because we love this culture and this industry and believe it or not, we love beer. Check out all of our reports below from all the places we've visited, unless we were too excited and forgot to take pictures and ended up doing other sordid things instead of paying attention to doing our jobs. Support your local brewery, dammit. And when we're in town, possibly have a beer with us, if you can stand meeting the people who write the bullshit you read on this blog. Salud!

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