California - Craft Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

What am I supposed to say about the yumballs likkids that flow out of the Golden State? From Sierra Nevada to Stone to Sudwerk to Firestone Walker to Anchor (R.I.P. your independence) and more, California is most certainly the birthplace of the craft beer explosion that's covering our bodies and insides in the modern age. I love drinking California beer, preferably in California, preferably in a place in California where it's sunny and warm. Because, a lot of people don't know this, but...a lot of California is neither sunny nor warm. True story. I try to stay away from those parts of the state. No offense, but I'm a bitch and I like wearing shorts and sunglasses, and I can't really comfortably do that when it's cold and/or rainy. Much love to those parts of California, though. Anyway, I'm always down to go to California, and I'm always down to go to as many breweries as possible, because they're fucking everywhere in California, and oftentimes, they're godlike in their flavor glory-ness. California love, baybeeeeeeee.

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