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Chicago, IL • Founded: 2016 • https://hopsmash.com

When we started Hopsmash in 2016, we had no idea that people would actually care about what we have to say. At least, we think they care? I guess? Not only that, but we couldn't ever fucking fathom that we'd be doing beer collaborations. Alas, we have. I'm not really sure if these breweries are totally insane or just make insanely terrible decisions that somehow turn out to be brilliant, but here we are. We've done several collabs over the years, most notably the huge Things We Don't Say project that Joel manhandled in 2021. Someday, maybe we'll get to do even more. We actually want to do more. So, if you make questionable decisions but also great fucking beer, send us a note here if you wanna dance together in the brew room. We've got amazingly average ideas to take the world by storm! Swearsies! Smoochie. Boochies.

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