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Colorado is one of those states that's lauded for its craft beer experience, being one of the first to really establish itself as a beer hole of beer glory. Every time I return to Colorado, there are more delicious breweries than the previous time I was in Colorado. And, no matter the city I visit, I have to be really choosy about where I go, because I don't have all the time in the world and I sadly don't live in Colorado, and there are just too many good goddamn good damn breweries in the Rocky Mountain State. Even in small towns, there's bound to be a room of taps full of deliciousness. And, if it's not a brewery, it's just a bar. That represents for Colorado. And has good Colorado beer. God, I love Colorado. And Colorado beer. Except in the winter, because I hate winter. Which means I only go to Colorado in the summer. And then have to smuggle Coloradan beer to myself the rest of the year. Hard knock life, I tells ya.

Upslope - Hazy IPA

Upslope - Hazy IPA

by Ryan Taxis on March 31, 2021

This Upslope reminds me of all the ‘masses friendly’ hazy IPAs that have popped up over...

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