Czechia - Craft Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

Good damn goodness. Whether you remember it as the Czech Republic or you've updated your database to call it Czechia, it's just such a cool place. With amazing beers. The first time I went to Prague, not only was I startled by how affordable it was (maybe not so much nowadays), but I was put in a coma of pure joy by how good the beer was. Pilsners are originally from the Plzen area, and Czech pils have brought many millions of people many millions of liters of happiness over the centuries. It's still my favorite type of pils, with its hoppy bite and unmistakable crispiness. Sometimes, when I'm drinking insane levels of Czech pilsners, I think about Czech dark lagers and I also get the feels. So I switch, and it feels like I'm in a polyamorous relationship without all the pitfalls of being in a polyamorous relationship. It's love. In multiple places. And lust. Lots of lust. Czech beers are my everything. Excuse me while I go book a ticket back to Czechia to explore more of their not only historically delectable beers, but whatever the new school is doing over there these days. Na zdraví!