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Every good news article starts with "Florida man...," and while not every good beer from Florida starts with "Brewed in Florida...," there are some seriously bangerific bangers coming out of America's dong. Cigar City once held the crown entirely, and Funky Buddha had some skin in that game, and while selling out to larger beer conglomerates might be the end game for some of them, some of the smaller jammers that brew beer for a living are kicking serious beer ass. Also, beer ass in Florida wears high-waisted thongs, BECAUSE FLORIDA.

3 Sons - Hop Phenomenon IPA

3 Sons - Hop Phenomenon IPA

by Ryan Taxis on March 05, 2023

It’s a haze-splosion with that creamy wheat and oat blast for a tongue-tickling glass of desire from 3 Sons. 😛😛😛...

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