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SOUR BEER?! EW! Yes, I am a child and I am still terrified of drinking a sour beer on purpose. Friends of mine hate that I am still so scary berry, but hey, if I wanna throw my money away, I'll just ball it up and throw it away, I don't need to act like I'm spending it on something that will make me look cooler. I already look cool. I MEAN, LOOK AT MY EGOPROOF BRAND FANNY PACK! Life is hard enough, why make the drinks you choose to drink difficult by ordering a fucking sour beer? Y'ALL ARE THE WEIRD ONES. I AM AS NORMAL AS THEY COME.

FOBAB 2023 - Chicago, Illinois

FOBAB 2023 - Chicago, Illinois

by Joel Frieders on November 06, 2023

Before FOBAB. 😵‍💫 During FOBAB. 😵‍💫 An adorable Lager Lounge sippie cup. 🥤 Some serious hunk action on the floor....

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