Things We Don't Say - Beer Reviews by Hopsmash

Chicago, IL • Founded: 2021 •

Joel here at Hopsmash founded TWDS: Craft Beer For Mental Health back in early 2021. At the time, there were barely any people out there talking about mental health in the craft beer world. Whether breweries or customers, it's kind of been something we don't really talk about, or we drink away, or worse. As a longtime proponent of talking about mental health, Joel teamed up with Chicago-based Hope For The Day and Eagle Park Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to start this initiative and get the word out about talking about mental health in our subculture, and raise some money for good organizations in the process. In the end, over 200 breweries across the world participated in this amazing project for some bomb-ass IPAs. Thanks to all the partners who participated in this. All the breweries, as well as Joel, HFTD, Eagle Park Brewing, Hollingbery & Son Hops, Malteurop, and Egoproof. Talk. About. Mental. Health.

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