The 4 Most Popular Beverages to Serve on Thanksgiving

The 4 Most Popular Beverages to Serve on Thanksgiving

by Sean Paul ·

It’s the season to be thankful, and if there’s one thing we’re really fucking grateful for this season, it’s having the evergreen gift of good beer.

And if you thought that beer is just not appropriate for Thanksgiving, you’ve got some serious reconfiguration to do because beer is not only incredibly versatile, it’s also perfect for special occasions, like watching sports on Thanksgiving Weekend, and we’ve got the perfect recommendations and craft beer reviews to help you change your mind:

1. Lervig - Toasted Maple Imperial Stout

Fall and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get attuned to those good old fall flavors including some thick, rich, sweet maple. That’s exactly what Lervig’s Toasted Maple Imperial Stout gets you. Although a little lighter when it comes to sweetness--which we wanted a little more of, to be really fucking real with you--it’s still a great stout. It’s the perfect choice for this occasion.

2. Southern Tier - Warlock Pumpkin Imperial Stout

Another flavor that just screams Thanksgiving--or Halloween depending on how you look at it--is pumpkin. And nah, we ain’t about those boring ass pumpkin spice lattes; we’re talking about Southern Tier’s Pumpkin Imperial Stout. This ale tastes like a dessert, which is what we love, and gives you the fun of pumpkin spice with the funk of alcohol.

A person holds up a glass with a light golden pilsner inside.

3. Begyle - Maybe Next Year Imperial Brown Ale

Don’t wait till next year to try the Maybe Next Year Imperial Brown Ale. We can’t get enough of this ale which was an accidental discovery and is a great choice for Thanksgiving. Smooth, warm, and rich in flavor and aroma, this brown ale is ideal for cracking open when you’re done for the night and want to sit around the living room, talking, chatting, and giving thanks to whoever made this brew.

4. WeldWerks - Coffee Maple Achromatic Imperial Stout

If you haven’t tried WeldWerks’ Coffee Maple Achromatic Imperial Stout, you are missing out. It also tastes like a dessert--with an ABV of 11.6%. Chocolate, coffee, and maple, with a buzz? Bring it on!

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