The Dos & Don’ts of Bar Hopping

The Dos & Don’ts of Bar Hopping

by Sean Paul ·

Whether you’re a college student on the prowl or you’re in your 40s looking for a fun weekend activity that involves exploring your local bars, beers, and babes (lol jk), bar hopping is generally a great way to do that. It’s also an excellent activity for when you’re traveling and want to check out the local bar scene without spending too much time in one place.

But remember that there are a few etiquettes and some dos and don’ts of bar hopping that you need to remember:

Don’t ask them for a surprise drink

It may seem like an adventurous, fun, and exciting thing to do, telling your bartender to surprise you, but it’s not the smartest decision to do this.  This is because they never quite know your preferences and what you like, which may lead to unwanted drinks. Instead, you can tell them you’re there for a beer cocktail or want something slow to start the night.

Do ask for their recommendations

You can also ask them for their recommendations, and they will be able to tell you what the best options for you are. They may be able to provide you with a set menu or off-menu recommendations that fit your needs. Chances are, they’ve developed some cool drinks that you’re going to enjoy.

A group of people hangs out at an outdoor bar.

Don’t yell or be disruptive to them

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a time crunch and plan to hit 5 bars in 3 hours; they’re running on their own time and schedule and you can’t disrupt their work to get what you want. It’s rude to yell, make demands, and get aggressive, no matter how drunk you or your friends are. Be polite, or go home if you can’t handle your drinks.

Do remember that you’re bar crawling

A rookie mistake is to forget that you’re bar crawling and hopping and get too drunk in one place. Pace yourself, stick to one or two ales, stouts, or beer cocktails at most, and avoid drinking too much or you won’t be able to enjoy the night.

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