Brauhaus Riegele - Augsburg, Germany

Our bro Andreas from BrewHeart was in town to act like idiots with us in Augsburg 🇩🇪 and we sort of went to Riegele here, which has been around in one way or another since freakin’ 1386. 😲 It was the weekend, and we f’d up by not making a reservation, so we had to sit outside for a beer before just going somewhere else. Sad pants. 😢 👖 Fortunately, they have a really nice shop inside where one can buy all their lesser-known or experimental beers, as well as their classics. That worked for us, except I didn’t read anything and ended up with a dark lager rocking a double IPA ABV. No food yet, so oops. 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, these beers weren’t mind-blowing, but they certainly were interesting. Wish we could’ve bought more to try, but I wasn’t gonna clank around town all night with a bag of bottles. Nope. Next time you’re in Augsburg, definitely hit up Riegele, just make a res on the weekend so you don’t get usurped by tour groups. 🚌 Otherwise, you’re gonna end up like us, outside in the cold and rain with weird beers and so many questions about life decisions. 🧐 Just kidding, I don’t care. Just…wanna go back and have the full experience. Smoochie boochies. 😘 – Ryan
Brewery: Brauhaus Riegele
From: Augsburg 🇩🇪

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