BrewHeart - Conversations With Blueberry Moore Fruited Sour

I told this motherfucker at BrewHeart that I do not like sours. 😖 Alas, he keeps giving them to be and, at this point, I’m feeling a bit groomed. 🤣 This is more of a low key sour bebe for the peeps who don’t like things too raw-dogged, but it’s also not got too much sugar and therefore doesn’t feel like I should be the type of person blowing fat vape clouds outta my WRX. 💨 (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) While the name is blueberry, this here beer is also rocking black currant, raspberries, and vanilla. 🫐 Do you have any idea how much Germans fucking love currants? Shit is everywhere. You can just be like, “I want a sparking currant juice drink”…and they have it! Everywhere! Germans be loving berries. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) All in all, if I weren’t a sour hater and I weren’t a hater in general, I’d rate this beer crazy high for the simple fact that they made a sour that’s both not too sour and not too sweet. ✅ Lots of popular sour makers don’t do that. It’s either punch you in the face or a fucking exploding candy factory. So, props to Andreas. Sexy German fucker. – Ryan
Brewery: BrewHeart
From: Otterfing 🇩🇪
Beer: Conversations With Blueberry Moore Fruited Sour
ABV: 5.5%

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