BrewHeart - Enigmated Endeavours IPA

You ever just roll around in a field of Enigma hops, preferably on a dewy, crispy morn while also half (or fully) nekkid and being sprayed by an irrigator full of hazy IPA? Nah? Hrm. 🤔 Anyway, that’s what this beer feels like, in all the good ways that are good and wholesome but also dirty because we’re definitely dirty birdies. 🐦 It’s fruity, it’s crispy, it’s got that white grape side effect that’ll make your wine friends mildly intrigued while they try to continue convincing themselves that wine is superior and that not all drinks take a ton of care and knowledge and consideration and fucking hard work. 🍇 Aggggh, tangents. But, not too wine-y, because I don’t like beers that are too wine-y. Just needs a touch, and this has it. 👍 Basically, I’m trying to say that this hop and this beer are more complex than generally pondered, and that this beer is also a joyful representation of putting a hazy into the tasting hole. 😮 Win. – Ryan
Brewery: BrewHeart
From: Otterfing 🇩🇪
Beer: Enigmated Endeavours IPA
ABV: 6.5%

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