BrewHeart - Haze Anatomy Double IPA

I would say that “Grey’s Anatomy” can fuck right off, but I’ve honestly never seen it. So, that wouldn’t be fair. But! I CAN say that Haze Anatomy can fuck right in. Nahmsayin’?! I’m not the biggest fan of Southern Hemisphere hops, but the genii at BrewHeart don’t give AF. Instead, they turn them into god-like juicy DIPAs that’ll make your head spin and your body tingle. Watch out for flying bodily fluids (the good kind), because that’s what happens when you put this hazy anatomy into your mouth hole. – Ryan

Brewery: BrewHeart
From: Otterfing 🇩🇪
Beer: Haze Anatomy Double IPA
ABV: 8.4%

BrewHeart - Haze Anatomy Double IPA

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