BrewHeart - Juicy Liu IPA

A hazeboi for the hazeboiz! This beer has such an abundance of pornographic aroma, I can’t even take it. I just kept sitting here smelling it like some beer-smelling assholio. Tastes of love and affection for your entire body while swishing around endlessly in your mouth hole with all the holiness of things we love to put in our mouth holes. It’s also DDH with Citra and Mosaic, so…‘nuff said. This 2020 version of their classic is even better than the previous one. How is this brewery’s teat not yet suckled upon by all the horny beer boys of Europe yet? Y’all missing out while I sit here letting it massage my internals like god intended. – @jetsliketaxis
Brewery: @brewheartofficial
From: Otterfing 🇩🇪
Beer: Juicy Liu IPA
ABV: 6.5%
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