Caravelle - Royal Milkshake IPA

Bbbbback in Spain, baby! 🇪🇸 So, so happy to be out of the cold and rain in Germany. 🌧 Gotta remember someday not to be there after, like, mid-September at the latest. 🥶 Ang and I put our shorts on and went over to Gigante here in Seville to see what kinda crafty shtt they got goin’ on these days, and it was really just a choice between three IPAs. 🍺 🍺 or 🍺 Since we hadn’t had Caravelle before, we went in on that. And, these mofos ain’t lying when they say this beer has loads of lactose. 🥛 My god. 🫣 So. Freaking. Sweet. Way too sweet for my taste, but that’s partially my fault since I had zero clue what it was when I asked for it. If you like your hazies ultra-sweet, this one is for you. My sweet tooth can’t take it. 🦷 Outside of that, though, the underlying juicy hoppiness was nice. Gotta try more of their beers sooner than later. ¡Olé! – Ryan at Gigante Bar in Seville, Spain
Brewery: Caravelle
From: Barcelona 🇪🇸
Beer: Royal Milkshake IPA
ABV: 6.8%

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