Central Coast - P-Nut Butter Breakdown Stout

I mean, there was absotively no way in hell that I wasn’t gonna buy this beer. I AM A WHORE FOR PEANUT BUTTER. 🥜 I didn’t get to try it for two months due to the whole almost dying thing 🤷 but I finally got to put my mouth on it after I got out, and here’s my take: Be patient. 😑 I left it out for 30 minutes or so before we cracked it, and it was still too cold and too bitter imnsho. Once I got halfway though, it was finally warm enough for the Skippy to skip its way all over my tastebuds and make me a happy camper. 👅 PEANUT BUTTER BOI was here for this part of the sesh. Is it the best pea bu boi out there? ‘Tis not. 👀 Is it worth trying? I do believe so, especially if you’re a whore like I am. *naked emoji* – Ryan
Brewery: Central Coast
From: San Luis Obispo, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: P-Nut Butter Breakdown Stout
ABV: 6.5%

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