Cerebral - Eclectic Potion (Phantasm) Triple IPA

I never even heard of Phantasm before the day I arrived back in Colorado, but it’s apparently A Thing now that’s all the rage. Something something grape must, I’d be lying if I said I cared a whole lot or was impressed. Sorry? What I *do* care about is scrumptious-ass beers, whether or not they’re phantasmy. This heavy boi triple IPA from the wizzes at Cerebral is no joke, rocking 10% and probably being way too easy to pound back. Warming up, it gives me the nosebud and tastebud chills and makes me extra happy to finally be back in Colorado. Thank you, lords of Cerebral. 😛 – Ryan
Brewery: Cerebral
From: Denver, CO 🇺🇸
Beer: Eclectic Potion (Phantasm) Triple IPA
ABV: 10%

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