Craft Beer Goodies by Hopsmash

Got them goodie goods, nah'mean? We made some sexy beer gear for you to rock and show your love for the game, and of course, your undying support and appreciation for our unqualified idiocy. Hope you like 'em.

All items ship free within the U.S. Also, all proceeds are going to my medical bills because $440,000+ in medical bills is no fucking joke. Many thanks for your support over the years and with my healthcare shit show.

We love cool merch just as much as we love craft beer, so we thought, why not combine the two? And that’s the origin story of our exclusive (and awesome) craft beer merch. Seriously, though, you’re gonna love these craft beer accessories once you see them up close. Comfy tees and hoodies, minimalistic hats and beanies, stylish tote bags, colorful enamel pins; we’ve got them all! Our craft beer merch collection has something in store for everyone. You can’t miss it!

Browse through our collection now and buy craft beer accessories and merchandise online. We offer free shipping within the US.

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