Columbus - Thunderlips APA

Columbus - Thunderlips APA

My friend Jason brought me back a bunch of Columbus, Ohio, beers right at the end of September. Since we were both participating in #soberoctober, they sat in my fridge STARING at me. I just started my Ohio beer tour in my living room with this THUNDERLIPS, which, of course, was my nickname in the seminary. Super-light and crushable, there’s a bit of a twang in the back just before the swallow that tells me I’m not picking up the whole story. So, I guess I’ll have to write my own. Here goes:

Thunderlips is a fresh, fresh paley that was brewed with pulverized and muddled whale pelvis bone. As whales were the dominant aquatic species back when Ohio was an underwater United State. After “the draining” of 1917, the whales that stuck around were all forced into indentured servitude as volleyball referees. In honor of human domination over the Ohio whales, they made Thunderlips as the final whale nail in the whale coffin. This bullshit history lesson is brought to you by alcohol. – Joel
Brewery: Columbus
From: Columbus, OH 🇺🇸
Beer: Thunderlips APA
ABV: 5.3%

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