Craft For Climate! by Hopsmash

NOT A BEER POST BUT STILL A BEER POST 🍺 A few months or weeks ago (I don’t know what time is anymore), I got this shirt in the mail and I didn’t know where it came from but it immediately became my favorite non-Hopsmash shirt. 💁🏻 Yes, I look sexy, and yes, I fit in a size large shirt for the first time in 20 years because I stopped eating everything available to me and golfing and biking and having Olympic Sex with my wife. 💦

But holy shhhh.

This shirt is from Craft for Climate.

They are just beer drinkers who want to support beer makers in their support or NOT DESTROYING THE EARTH, yo. Simply put, good beer peeps and peers doing good beer peer peep thangs. 🌎

This bin contains 77 different plastic beer can holders. Various sizes and colors.

And breweries and bottle shops who simply have enough mental bandwidth to be thoughtful in their decision making and their bidness processes are making it a point to save shit like this to recycle. It’s not rocket science. It’s craft consciousness. ♻️

Follow these beer peeps.

Support the breweries (like Maplewood seen tattooed on my arms) and bottle shops (like Flight Bottle Shoppe where I live four hours a week) that make recycling these plastic jerks an easy option. ✅

I love my fellow hippies. Especially my craft hippies. 🤗

Also. Merry Christmas in November. Screw waiting for Malört Christmas shots. – Joel

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