Delta Beer Lab - IPA.25.5 Pink Boots Blend IPA

Greetings from Madison! 🌎 Ang and I always arrive in town a day before softball madness begins 🥎 and we walked over to Longtable here to get our swerve on with their delicious foods and insanely large beer selection. 😍 Wish there was more on tap, but I’m not gonna let that distract from the fact that I was able to try all sorts of canned bangers that wouldn’t otherwise be available to me. 💯 This here Westie by Delta Beer Lab is their Pink Boots blend for 2023, and its hard AF dive into plenty of bitter hoppiness really hit the spot on the side of our foodle bangers. 😋 Wish we had the time to visit the brewery…but at least we got this one inside us. – Ryan at Longtable Beer Cafe in Middleton, Wisconsin
Brewery: Delta Beer Lab
From: Madison, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: IPA.25.5 Pink Boots Blend IPA
ABV: 6.5%

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