Dougall's & De Molen - DouGall’s De Molen Coffee Porter

Say what you’re afraid to say. I could and should probably take my own advice. 🤷‍♂️ What I’m not afraid to say is that this Ethiopian coffee porter is lit as fuuuuuuck! First of all, it’s 8%. ✅ Second, it’s got massive coffee flavor that I appreciate to the highest degree. ✅ Third, it’s by Molen and they make amazing beers. ✅ And it’s a collab with DouGall’s, who does come through with some heaters now and then. ✅ No complaints, just inject this straight into my veins while you also dip your fingers in it and put them in my mouth. 👀 – @jetsliketaxis
Brewery: @cervezadougalls x @molenbier
From: Liérganes 🇪🇸 & Bodegraven 🇳🇱
Beer: DouGall’s De Molen Coffee Porter
ABV: 8%
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