Fox River - Freaky Tiki Pineapple Milkshake IPA

I’m not a huge fan of lactose in beer these days, but if you’re gonna make a milkshake IPA, so be it. 🥤 The Wisconsinites at Fox River used BRU-1, Sabro Incognito, and Talus to give it a piña colada vibe, and I can get with it. 🥥 🍍 A dash of vanilla makes it a bit sweet, but it’s not insanely so, and isn’t milkshake-thick either. Which is a plus in my book. 👍 Definitely couldn’t bang these all day, but it was a fun-size tiki bar banger for my patio vibes. 😎 – Ryan
Brewery: Fox River
From: Oshkosh, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: Freaky Tiki Pineapple Milkshake IPA
ABV: 5.8%

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