Gathering Place - Things We Don't Say IPL

This TeeDubs is an IPL! Knowing how erotically charged the hoppy lager is around the campus of Hopsmash Brewniversity, I debated on saving this for when we get to all hang out in person later this summer. But, I opted to swallow this one solo in a demonstration of bolth my propensity to dance to the songs of my youth, and also because I mean business and dance is my business. I mean, have you SEEN my LinkedIn feed?

Gathering Place dropped a perfy wet perf on us with this hoplagerbishy and I want them to know this could be my favorite hopped up lager I’ve ever had. Super rich crisp, but that sweet hop swallow and the lager burps are simply fucking magical. Incredibly amazing beer, y’all. This is what dreams are made of AND cream dreams freal freal. – Joel

Brewery: Gathering Place
From: Milwaukee, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: Things We Don’t Say IPL
ABV: 6%

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